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A Bit About Ourselves.

LightTrack was formed in 1992 as a partnership between a lighting cameraman and a lighting electrician, who saw the need for a specially designed location vehicle with a comprehensive selection of lights, as as well as a really versatile and portable dolly system. After a great deal of thought and research they put together the optimal package - and LightTrack was born.

After a few successful years, due to other commitments the partnership was broken and the electrician took over. LightTrack has continued to be successful  and is continually up-dating and renewing its equipment.

The electrician in question is Stephen Arthur (Steve). Steve has built LightTrack up into a small company that can compete with the big boys. On the jobs that are to big for one man generally we will hire in our labour from the Scottish freelance contingency.

Our store has drive in access, (which I believe is essential for this type of work), which for over night parking of loaded vehicles is a security dream, but also means for the loading and unloading of trucks in bad weather or any weather is made very easy. Not only do we have enough space for the vehicles and the storage of our equipment, we also have a good sized workshop which is ideal for the repair and testing of our equipment, but is also good for the construction of all the weird and wonderful things this industry calls for on a regular basis. Finally in the store we have our office computers and printers and that kind of stuff.

Please contact us if you require any assistance, information or our latest price list.
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